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Rising Ashes - Satnam and Lisa!

Lisa and Satnam blend British folk and traditional Indian songs with contemporary compositions and arrangements. A weaving of cultures and musical styles.

Rising Ashes recently passed an audition for Music In Hospitals and Care. Both Lisa and Satnam are great believers in the therapeutic effects of music on the mind and body. They are looking forward to embarking on this new aspect of their musical journey

Lisa Marie Glover

Lisa is a well seasoned songwriter and performer who has carefully crafted her art into something which is very much her own. Her curious lyrics and stories are accompanied by her clear as glass vocal and distinct acoustic guitar style which has developed from studying classical guitar to her obsession with finding the more interesting chords. Her love of funk and soul music has influenced the rhythmical aspect of her playing and it all seems to work quite nicely.

Satnam Galsian

Satnam is a British Asian vocalist who has developed a unique personal style of performing that combines Indian and Western influences.

Since graduating from Birmingham Conservatoire she has collaborated with a diverse range of groups and artists. Her most recent projects include Naghma and Rising Ashes.